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Life can often be tough. Sometimes we can take action to improve a bad situation, either by ourselves or with help from friends or family. Usually when things are going pretty well we feel better, emotionally and physically. But not always!

We all know there are some problems that aren’t easily “fixed”:

  • lack of money
  • unemployment
  • unhealthy relationships
  • sadness that lasts for weeks or months without any obvious cause
  • frequent anxiety or fear of everyday activities (or nothing at all)
  • feeling alone, isolated from others
  • on-going feelings of guilt or shame
  • thoughts of suicide
  • addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • an unintended pregnancy

If you are having any of these problems you need to find someone to talk. You are probably not going to get better on your own. Often the best support person is a trained counselor, someone skilled and experienced in helping you take back control and move ahead with your life. Everything you tell a counselor is strictly confidential, so you can talk about things you might be embarrassed to tell anyone else.

This is especially true if you’ve ever been abused, emotionally, physically or sexually. Abuse causes deep emotional scars that can stay with us and cause trouble for the rest of our lives if they’re not handled properly. You may have heard that the best way to handle painful or shameful memories is to just try to forget them, not think or talk about them. That doesn’t work! The good news is that with counseling, real healing can occur.
You owe it to yourself to get that help.

Around the state there are non-profit counseling centers that will provide treatment you can afford. Their fees are based on your ability to pay, which may be nothing. Call the state-wide 211 line for information on a center near you so you can get an evaluation and referral to the counseling that will work best for you.

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