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Food Stamps

When you first enter the workforce, you may find that employers have a low starting wage for those people without previous work experience. If you have a low-income, you can apply for food stamps. To get a general idea as to whether or not you will qualify, use the Pre-Screening Eligibility Tool at . If you believe you might be eligible, you can fill out an application at the office closest to you. For more information or to find the office closest to you, call the number that corresponds with your state:

Utah : 1-866-526-3663

Arizona : 1-800-352-8401

Other states: http://www.fns.usda.gov/fsp/contact_info/hotlines.htm

If you live in Utah or you would like to see what an application might look like, visit: http://jobs.utah.gov/Infosource/EOMOA/61APP.pdf . For more information, you can either call your state office's number or visit the program's homepage: http://www.fns.usda.gov/fsp/ .

Financial Help

If you find yourself having financial difficulties, there are several programs offered by the state to help. From helping you find employment to providing assistance for your entire family, there are various programs that offer help for those who are eligible.

The Working Towards Employment Program helps single adults and married couples, without dependent children living with them, support themselves through strict work standards and cash assistance. This help is offered for a maximum of seven months in any 18-month period. For further information, visit http://jobs.utah.gov/opencms/customereducation/services/financialhelp/working/index.html .

The Refugee Cash Assistance Program (RCA) is provided to newly arriving refugees, asylees, or certified victims of human trafficking within the first 8 months of arrival or certification. The program offers financial assistance to refugees who don't qualify for other programs. For further information, visit http://jobs.utah.gov/opencms/customereducation/services/financialhelp/refugee/index.html .

The Adoption Assistance Program offers assistance in finding jobs as well as cash payments for parents who have given a child up for adoption. The payments are made for a maximum of 12 consecutive months after the child has been given up for adoption. For further information, visit http://jobs.utah.gov/opencms/customereducation/services/financialhelp/adoption/index.html .

The Family Employment Program offers families support in earning enough money to support themselves through employment, child-support payments, and/or disability payments. For further information, visit http://jobs.utah.gov/opencms/customereducation/services/financialhelp/family/index.html .

The General Assistance Program is offered for single adults or couples without dependent children living in their home. To be eligible, they must have physical or mental health problems that last longer than 30 days and they are not earning $500 dollars a month. Through the program, the individual will be able to take part in various activities associated with finding and keeping jobs. For further information, visit http://jobs.utah.gov/opencms/customereducation/services/financialhelp/general/index.html .

The Homelessness Prevention Program provides immediate assistance for short periods of time for families who don't have enough money to prevent themselves from becoming homeless or having their utilities shut off. The goal of the program is to keep them from losing their homes or to help them find new homes. For further information, visit http://jobs.utah.gov/opencms/customereducation/services/financialhelp/homeless/index.html .

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