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Whether you receive a traffic ticket or charged with a criminal offense it is important to know your rights. As a juvenile, here are some of the rights you have in court:

1. The right to appear in person to defend yourself.

2 . The right to a lawyer to represent you. This means that if you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will give you a FREE lawyer

3. The right to know what you are being accused of doing.

4. The right to self-incrimination (to plead guilty).

5. The right to a speedy trial and for time to prepare a defense. This means the court MUST tell you about any court hearing that involve you.

6. The right for you and any witness to tell YOUR side of the story.

7. The right to ask questions of the people accusing you.

8. The right to an appeal (to take your case to a higher court to make sure you were given a fair trial).


If you are arrested, the fine/bail schedule for juveniles is as follows:




Class A

Class B

Class C



















For additional information concerning juvenile cases, criminal cases, traffic violations, and other legal matters, go to http://www.utcourts.gov/courts/juv


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